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Right Management

We help companies and individuals create talent strategies for career management that improve business agility and performance.

Our Offerings

We have an expert team to help companies/ Colleges/ Institutes & individuals in skills enhancement on below topics.

  • Skill Development
  • Leadership Management
  • Business Ethics
  • How to Crack Interviews?
  • Compliance Management
  • Industry Experienced Faculty
  • Case/Industrial Studies
  • POSH Training for ICC Member’s

Career Development for Colleges & Universities

Empower Students with Career Skills
To prepare students for workplace success, colleges and universities are under increased pressure to enable students with meaningful career services. But staffing and budgets are slim in many programs. Here are four ways Jobex INFO HR Management can help:

  • Professional assessment tools — Students receive guidance on identifying strengths, priorities, ideal work environment, and other attributes critical to taking the next step.
  • Experienced coaches — With coverage and expertise that can flex up or down depending on your needs.
  • Interview prep — Students interact online with a virtual interviewer, record their performance, and get feedback from a career services expert.
  • Career readiness services — The ability to translate educational knowledge into a professional setting is crucial. Students will learn critical skills that will prepare them to be successful in the workplace after they graduate.

That’s just a start. By partnering with Jobex Group Management for Career Development services, colleges and universities can be better positioned to meet the needs of students, grow enrollment, and enhance their brand. Let us show you how.

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